Anyone who is concerned about identity theft needs to read this book. Jerry Eller does a great job taking you through a journey that changed his life. His name got confused with another guy, a simple data entry error. Should be easy to straighten out, right? Not so! Jerry ended up losing jobs, having problems with his military record, and is still trying to get it resolved today. Years later!
Well written in an entertaining style. Makes you want to read more just to see what's going to happen next to this poor guy. He gets no help from the people that are supposed to be in place to help with this kind of thing. Jerry is not afraid to name names in the book either.
Overall I liked the book and would recommend it. Just pray this never happens to you!
D. Faulkner Colorado

I am not one to read books but was compelled to read this particular true story about the plight of Gerald Eller. It is written in a style that combines seriousness while at the same time the author is able to throw in some humor--it's a "real" story that makes you feel as if you know him and are there experiencing everything with him. I found it to be such an amazing story that I finished it in only 3 days!!! Have you ever gotten a phone call from a creditor checking to see if you made a particular charge? Do you remember the feeling of shock you felt when it was revealed that YOU were not the person placing that charge??? Well, in some cases the problem is resolved quickly and promptly. Unfortunately, Gerald's story (one more complicated than charge card fraud) is one that can happen to anyone and it's unfortunate that his identity was confused with another person's criminal alias (Jerry Willard's) in 1997 and after all these years is still having a detrimental effect on many aspects of his life including being denied various jobs and the drama he endured when he re-enlisted in the Military after 911. Gerald...I sincerely hope that you do not give up your fight for finding Liberty and Justice for All!!! The last chapter of the book is titled "The End?"....will there be a sequel to this compelling story? By reading this book I could tell that Gerald definitely has persistence and determination and I certainly hope he doesn't give up his fight for finding the justice that he deserves.
B. Citron New York

A two part review from a soldiers wife:
Reading your book right now. It is very, very good. I am so sorry that you were put through such hell in your life!! Is it on the bestseller list yet? I have a hard time stopping while reading it because it is so good. Jerry it is amazing that you have been through so much and were still able to keep your sanity!! Ken can relate to the horror stories of military life. He has such a horrific chain of command right now and he too plans to write a book on his experiences while serving this great country in Iraq. I will help him since I am the writer of the house.OH by the way, he returns home the end of next week!!!! Thank God this is almost over. Retirement for him will be in April. I can hardly wait!!! Well got to run- I wish you the best in your quest for happiness.

Jerry I just completed the book and was and am still shocked at your continuous run of ill fate. I am also shocked the media did not or has not picked up on your story. I still am dumbfounded how you remain sane after all that has happened to you. I always knew we have a corrupt government but to deny the rights of a citizen over and over again is appalling. Please keep me informed of your fate and in the mean time I will try to get others to read your book.
Donita, Georgia

NYT Book ReviewNYT Book Review


"...could not put it down..." Stephanie, Seattle, WA

"...intriguing..." Pat, Colorado Springs, CO

"This is something that can happen to anyone. It's straight to the point. Despite the unfortunate events to Jerry, an enjoyable read." Heather, Chicago, IL

"...good quality, narrative fit and trim style...thrilling and suspenseful..." Jacqueline, Colorado Springs, CO

"Totally messed up that the authorities or those with power wouldn't or won't help. Keep up the good fight Jerry and thanks for inspiring and informing me!" Brian, New York, NY

"Great book!" John, Denver, CO

"Unbelievable account of true life experience. Looking forward to the sequel..." Joe, Sarasota, FL

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